That Phandalin Campaign

Run in with Hell Hounds

Melifus is dead!

Conditions IRL: Jason couldn’t play this night so I killed off his character.

Members present:


Events from the session:

After taking refuge in front of Barthen’s dilapidated house in Irv’s version of Phandalin, the adventurers awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of teeth on bones and growling. The strange sounds were coming from the tall grass. Longshaft is the first to approach the grass. He sneaks directly in to it and lays eyes on to the tall, fire breathing dog like creatures. There were two of them. He knocks an arrow, lets it loose but the shot was premature. It flies directly in to a tree about 20ft away from the dogs. They hear this and go to investigate. Kithri and Grah sneak closer around the edge of the tall grass. Longshaft gets closer and examines the body. It is indeed an elf wearing the same clothing that Melifus was wearing earlier in the night.



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